Uniform Guidelines

Ascent Classical™ Academy requires students to wear uniforms to eliminate distractions, level the playing field, and remind ourselves that we are doing important work.

Our uniform, required every school day, includes both daily and formal attire.

  • Formal attire is required on Wednesdays, but may be worn any day of the week. All formal attire items must be purchased from our uniform partner, Lands’ End.
  • Daily attire may be worn Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday instead of the formal attire. While all items are available from Lands’ End, the logo-embroidered shirts are the only items that must be purchased from our preferred partner.

  • Please note: PE Uniforms are required for all students in grade 7 and 8


Lands’ End

Visit our Lands’ End school uniform website or call 1-800-469-2222 to order. Ascent Classical™ Academy of  Fort Mill’s preferred school number is 900201229. 

Financial Assistance

Ascent Classical™ Academy is committed to removing financial barriers for families in need. If you require financial assistance for uniform purchases, please contact us for more information.