Founding Families

We are pleased to offer future Ascent Classical™ families the opportunity to earn Founding Family status prior to the school opening its doors in August 2024. Children of a Founding Family receive the highest priority in the enrollment lottery held each year, guaranteeing future students a seat when demand is highest.

Volunteer Opportunities at Ascent Classical Academy of Fort Mill
What does it take to become a Founding Family?

This priority can be earned by completing 30 volunteer hours, earning 15 student referrals, or a combination of both volunteering and referrals.

How do I track and submit volunteer hours and referrals?

Download the Founding Family worksheet to track your efforts and email the completed form to before the first day of school to guarantee your status.

My child is not school-aged; can I still earn Founding Family status?

Yes, as long as the requirements are met prior to the school’s opening day, you can earn Founding Family status for your future Ascent Classical students.

How long does Founding Family status last?

Once earned, your status will be honored for all future students.

What is the deadline for earning Founding Family status?

To ensure your child receives priority placement for the enrollment lottery, you must fulfill the requirements prior to the lottery in February 2024. If the lottery has passed and you would like to guarantee priority placement for future students, you must fulfill the requirements prior to the first day of school.

If we missed the lottery, why should we consider becoming a Founding Family?

This status is applicable in all future enrollment lotteries for all future students. While staff and sibling priorities are also considered, this may benefit your family long-term and your efforts to support our campus are invaluable.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email for a list of current opportunities and to be added to our volunteer email list. Thank you for your support and partnership!